Environmental Responsibility

It is a responsibility that the company or organization has with society and environment, plus legal and economic obligations.

The Guitta Group wants to conduct your business according to ethical standards, observing all applicable laws and regulations to financial institutions regarding Social and Environmental Responsibility, compatible to their sizes, business nature and complexity of services offered, as well as their activity, processes and systems adopted, searching to ensure compliance with the guidelines and objectives of PRSA.

For this, we maintain a handbook referring to our PRSA inside the institution and we search to disclose some information via our Website for everybody to know, aiming to preserve the environment and respect human rights, well being of their collaborators, suppliers and society in which we operate, thereby strengthening the Broker's commitment in compliance with the laws and regulations in force.


With the Client / Suppliers / Collaborators

  • To analyze and follow up through the system clients that eventually are mentioned negatively on the media in the socioenvironmental sense,
  • To verify clients and suppliers that have activities economically exposed to the Social and Environmental Risk, where we will analyze if they have any Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy.
  • Awareness efforts concerning re-use and savings in the office supplies, electrical power and water consumption.
  • To buy recyclable office supplies whenever possible,
  • To disclose procedures and awareness efforts through Reports forwarded electronically and/or communication wall.
  • To buy materials and/or products with reliable origin.
  • To donate basic baskets and cleaning products to charity institutions.

In case you are interested in completely knowing our Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy or participating in our actions, please do not hesitate to contact us.