Foreign Exchange Broker

In the business world, a few questions that contribute significantly to the success in the clients' financial and trade management and exchange. The Guitta Group began its operations in this field and has an extensive highly qualified team for the good relationship with financial institutions, Central Bank and other competent agencies.

Today, with Brazilian Central Bank's authorization, we operate as an Independent Bank for SIMPLIM and SIMPLEX transactions, where we can perform all international transactions up to US$ 100.000,00, providing our clients with agility and big savings for payments or receipt of exchange financial transactions and imports and exports.


Siscoserv is an electronic registration of the international transactions, purchases and sale of intangible services and other operations that generate variations in the assets of entities. Its essential purpose is the follow-up and statistical measure of the international trade of services.

As it acknowledges the importance of the domain of the Federal Government's system, the Guitta Group has qualified professionals for a structure of full service to this procedure. The transaction is similar to tax operations and it is also related to taxation. You can count on Guitta to help you in a full and valuable manner in the understanding and arrangement to comply with Siscoserv's requirements.

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